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Ultimaster Tansei

Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System  


Building on the heritage of the Ultimaste stent. 

UltimasterTansei has all the key features of Ultimaste for supporting vascular repair.

• Drug coating applied in a gradient to reduce the risk of polymer cracking and delamination, even when the stent is overexpanded
• PCL added to PDLLA, increasing the elasticity of the bioresorbable polymer coating
Simultaneous polymer resorption and drug release within 3–4 months, to macth the procedure-triggered biological response․
No drug coating on parts of the stent that experience the most physical stress.



Polymer integrity

Gradient coating maintains polymer integrity for reduced risk of delamination, even when overexpanded

A tip designed to facilitate treatment of the most challenging cases

Updated design to maximize deliverability, even in the most challenging cases
• Flexible tip material: supports navigation through tortuous vessels
• Low passing resistance at the tip: minimizes the force required to cross challenging lesions


A tip specifically developed with the composition and shape to support durability

• Rounded shape: offers durability and crossability, even through areas of calcification
• Durable material: reduces the risk of tip damage when navigating challenging anatomy․


Advanced shaft technology for outstanding acute performance

Maximizing transmission force, and kink resistance9
• Shaft reinforced with a stainless steel core wire: ensures optimal pushability and transmission force
• Stronger hypotube: maximising kink resistance for effective and reliable deliverability
Ensuring a smooth and balanced transition
• A stainless steel tapered core wire at the exit port for optimal pushability across the entire delivery system


Keep ahead of the curve in complex anatomy

Enhanced deliverability

In practice, where ~80% of cases can be expected to be complex, it is more important than ever to have tools you can trust for percutaneous coronary intervention.
UltimasterTansei has been developed with challenging cases in mind, achieving optimal trackability and pushability, which are essential for reliable delivery.




• Post dilatation limit up to 5,5mm
• Up to 5.8 mm showed in independent benchtest results


Combination of key features to optimize its use in complex bifurcation anatomy

Open cell, 2-link design eases side branch access – essential for effective bifurcation stenting
• Uniform scaffolding enables optimal coverage of bifurcation anatomy.