ECG Electrodes FS-50

Gel: Aqua-Wet
Connector: Snap
Backing: Foam
Adhesive: Enhanced
Dimensions: 50 mm
Suggested Use: Stress Test
Packaging Standard: 30/pouch, 1200/box, 4800/case


SKINTACT Stress Test & Holter ECG Electrodes 

The professional's choice

Excellent Trace Quality. Quick and consistently excellent signal quality is obtained with all three gels: Aqua-Wet, Aqua-Tac and Aqua-Set. Using our abrahesive paper SKINTACT Easiprep further improves trace quality.

Superior Design. Leonhard Lang's Aqua-Set gel reduces motion artifacts ensuring a clear and stable tracing. The offset contact design of SKINTACT FS-VB01, FS-VF01 and W-VH01 further compensates the impact of patient movements on the signal significantly.

Secure Adhesion. The enhanced adhesive sticks reliably even when the patient is perspiring. The protective foam backing is impermeable to liquids, SKINTACT stress test electrodes are therefore suitable for Echo, too.

Patient comfort. The light microporous backing of SKINTACT T-604 and the soft cloth backing of W-VH01 and W-60HP both promote breathability and ensures skin friendly comfort during holter ECG.

Easy to handle. The easy to open pouch and the handling aids on all SKINTACT stress test and holter electrodes facilitate use. Lead wires can be clipped on even more conveniently on our SKINTACT offset electrodes with de-centered snap, e.g. FS-VB01 or W-VH01.